Does your Insurance Cover Sports or Remedial Massage and Nutritional Therapy?

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Private health insurance is becoming much more popular across the UK, be that paid for by an individual or paid for as a benefit by the person’s employer. The question is – do you know what it covers and could you actually access treatments and therapies that you didn’t know you could? It is always worth checking the policy itself or giving the provider a call to see what they say. Employers want a healthy workforce and many realise that massage therapy or nutritional therapy can be a great way of keeping it that way. Massage in particular enables recovery from injuries or problems which themselves are covered by that person’s health insurance. Nutritional therapy enables a person to fuel their body properly and keep their weight within a healthy range.

There are many different types of policies that offer many different levels of cover and so it really is worth a quick check. Some health insurance policies will be limited to a specific number of sessions and others will be limited by a ‘pot’ of money from which sessions can be taken.

We are aware of the following companies who currently cover Sports/Remedial Massage: Healthshield, Uk Healthcare, Westfield Health and Simply Health and for for Nutritional Therapy: Healthshield and Westfield Health, but again, things do change and you should always check your policy to see that you are covered. The provider will tell you whether you will pay up front and claim the money back or whether they will pay for it.

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