Room Rental Opportunities

Rent at Room with G4 Physio

G4 provides opportunities for health professionals to rent rooms in our clinics in both Didsbury and Wilmslow. Both clinics have private parking and free parking on roads in close vicinity for both health professionals and clients.

Each clinic entails a welcoming and friendly administration team to greet clients, sufficient kitchen, bathroom and showering facilities, complimentary guest WIFI and disabled access. Each room has a treatment couch, working station for laptops and all rooms are close to adequate sink and washing facilities.

To have an agreement in place, there must not be any conflict of interest with services that G4 provide and an adherence to the clinic’s strict housekeeping and hygiene standards will be followed. Upon acceptance, a mutual agreed room rental fee will be put in place that is normally paid in advance unless the room rental request is regular in occurrence. If the room is requested on days in which G4 has to provide their own administration cover in addition to our routine daily work, then there will be a relevant surcharge to accommodate.

If you or your company would be interested in renting one of our clinic rooms in Didsbury or Wilmslow, please submit an enquiry below and we shall be in touch.

Didsbury Clinic

G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness,
49 Barlow Moor Road,
M20 6TW

Wilmslow Clinic

G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness,
41 Chapel Lane

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