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Armed Forces

Royal Marines, Royal Marines Reserve, Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force & Charities

marinesG4 have a strong affiliated association with the Regular Armed Forces and Reserve Forces, most notably ‘The Royal Marines’.The G4 team have provided services across the UK and globally in the most arduous and intense parts of the world such as the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other work has been provided for military training exercises and military establishments across the UK and in areas such as Norway, Africa and USA.

If you would like further information about joining the armed forces please visit the relevant website.

“During one of the recent military operations in Afghanistan, I had the immense privilege of commanding and serving alongside Glyn Forshaw. All of my men being Royal Marines had to maintain an extremely high threshold of physical endurance and ability during the high tempo of operations that we were continuously involved in.

As a PTI in the Royal Marines, my skill set told me this would be a problem but gave me no answers on how to deal with it. This is where, thankfully, Glyn stepped in. At the end of each day I would debrief the section on the day’s action events and upcoming plans etc. However, the final point always remained the same; “Anyone hurt, sore or struggling with an injury – see Glyn”.

As a patrol base commander, I watched over the weeks and months Glyn help every man including myself with everything from muscular aches & strains, joint & ligament sprains and crippling back pain. Time and time again he would advise and see each Marine on a daily basis and most importantly he engaged with the lads and boosted their morale with his effortless banter and humour.

Glyn was a consummate professional with seemingly magical abilities. He remains a close friend to me personally and it was a credit to be in the same troop as him. Thanks Royal!”

Sgt Bill Murphy – Royal Marines

Outdoor Fitness Groups & Boot-camps

Here at G4, we have keen enthusiastic fitness instructors who work as part of our team. We see many people at our clinic who take part in outdoor military & civilian fitness classes and boot-camps. Our drive and motive is to get these people back to their favourite classes at the earliest opportunity to maintain their fitness and to keep them on target with any goals that they may have set. We offer the most effective advice for relief of all injury symptoms. We work closely with our highly respected ‘Sports Podiatry Team’ to provide short-term and long-term relief from all injuries including Shin Splints, Hip/Knee/Ankle & Foot Pain, Ligament & Muscular Injuries, Calf Strains, Achilles Tendon problems and other associated problems.

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Professional Sports Clubs & Athletes

Our Physiotherapy and Massage team see professional athletes across the UK from various sports in an effort to alleviate their injuries and to maximise their sports performance. Our massage therapists conduct sports massage to prepare the athletes for upcoming races & events and provide massage as a relaxing healing tool following arduous training sessions. Our team travel worldwide to support athletes in various European & World Championship events.

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Local & National Sports Events & Races

Our G4 team give full support to those competing in events and races in the UK and around the globe. This is what we feel makes our team successful in what we do. Our service does not stop once we successfully alleviate pain and resolve injuries. We work around our clients training programmes and focus on returning them back to full fitness to allow them to excel at their favourite sports and to achieve successful personal attainments for all future races & events.

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Local & National Sports Clubs & Associations

We provide Physiotherapy & Massage for various local & national sports teams, clubs & associations in an effort to maximise the individual and team performances and to be successful in their sports. Special rates are negotiable for individual clubs and associations. Please contact the clinic to discuss potential opportunities –

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Public Services

Police, Fire & Ambulance Service

G4 offer special physiotherapy and massage rates to those who work for such public services to keep them injury free and allow them to continue with the excellent work that they do and are continuously involved in on a daily basis.


“After many years of competitive Thai Boxing and working as a Police Officer, I had suffered from calf problems for over two years. I had tried everything and I had seen numerous professionals but no one could get to the bottom of the problem which restricted my participation in the sport that I loved. Work was also affected each time I had a relapse of the injury and restricted my role. I visited ‘G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness’ in Didsbury and after a very thorough and extensive examination, they diagnosed my problem and provided physiotherapy in conjunction with sports podiatry at the clinic to rectify the problem. I have now been injury free for over a year! This is the first time anyone has looked at my injury problems in such depth and actually got to the root of the problem as opposed to simply temporarily fixing it each time the problem re-occurred”.

Jackie Blackburn – Inspector; Greater Manchester Police

“I suffered a serious knee injury whilst running and required three operations to re-build the knee ligaments to make the joint stable. As a serving fire fighter my main aim was to get back to work as quickly as possible but I had to make sure the knee would withstand the demands of such a physical role. I was recommended to get in contact with Didsbury’s G4 who created a bespoke plan of exercises and routines tailored to my job and circumstances, nearly halving the original proposed recovery time. I am now back in the job role that I held prior to the injury. A great job from the team at G4”

Paul Gibbons – Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service


Healthcare Providers

The G4 team work closely with Sports Podiatrists who have a vast amount of experience working with elite professional athletes and soldiers in an effort to provide long-term relief from all biomechanical associated problems. We also offer special rates to those who work within the NHS and in the community.


Local Community

We have close affiliated links with various establishments in the local community. We provide healthcare and rehabilitation to many local businesses and residents in the local communities of Didsbury, Chorlton, Withington, Sale, Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey, Cheadle and other communities further afield across Greater Manchester & Cheshire. If you would like your business to be affiliated with the G4 Clinic please contact the clinic at


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