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Corporate Physio, Massage & Fitness

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Both on-site visits and clinic based physiotherapy, massage and fitness classes can be arranged at the request of local companies to meet the demands and reduce the stresses of everyday working life. Our team provide both physiotherapy and massage therapy to corporate businesses both within a company’s place of work and also within our own clinic with special discounted rates agreed upon and applied. Places of work which involve the risk of repetitive strain injuries, heavy manual labour or sustained posture injury-risk factors (such as computer ergonomic workstations) benefit significantly with regular physiotherapy and massage in providing pain relief, muscle strains and overall symptom management. Such care is also important for the prevention of injury to sustain working levels without the need for unnecessary discomfort or absence from work. Physiotherapy and massage put in place can be of benefit to companies at both financial and employee satisfaction level.

We also provide fitness classes in the form of Pilates, Circuit Training, Yoga, Flexibility and other bespoke indoor or outdoor fitness classes as requested. These can be conducted before or during working hours with lunchtime classes known to be very popular with companies. We are flexible in what we can provide and we can accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.

Corporate physiotherapy, massage and fitness services are often deemed beneficial and favourable for incentive recruitment purposes. Ergonomic work-place assessments may also be arranged upon request. We cover many areas across Didsbury, Manchester and Cheshire.

If you have any queries or questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact our Didsbury Manchester clinic. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact the clinic or book online via our online booking system.

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