Post-Natal Therapy & Rehabilitation
Post-Natal Therapy & Rehabilitation To Optimise Strength, Function & Good Health

Post-Natal Therapy & Rehabilitation

at G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness

G4 provides a bespoke post-natal therapy & rehabilitation service which is a specialist assessment recommended for all women following child delivery. We recommended that post-natal women attend our Didsbury clinic for an assessment at around the 6-week stage after child birth. However, the service is also very useful and highly recommended for all post-natal women even those who delivered months or years ago.

Some of our female therapists provide an assessment to look at posture, breathing, abdominal muscle control and pelvic floor function. The aim of the assessment and subsequent intervention will assist clients in returning to full function and prevent any long-term health complaints related to childbirth.

The assessments are very in-depth and will cover all issues related to pregnancy and childbirth. Clients may have no symptoms in the first few weeks after childbirth but others may develop symptoms such as incontinence, back pain, abdominal weakness, prolapse and pain with intercourse. The assessment will identify all common problem areas and will allow our team to guide clients through a rehabilitation program designed to restore good health and normal core function.

Some of the main areas of the assessment that we deem appropriate in post-natal women are outlined below along with the importance of providing effective after-care following delivery:

  • Postural Assessment - Pregnancy can have a significant effect on posture and the assessment will highlight issues such as weak or tight muscles that may be a contributing factor to the development of poor posture.
  • Breathing Assessment - Many women following childbirth will have an altered and dysfunctional breathing pattern in which it is important to regain control of as quickly as possible. A more efficient breathing pattern will allow the core to be more effective, internal body organ functions will remain healthy and posture will also improve.
  • Abdominal Check - Separation of the abdominal muscles or Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is very common following pregnancy and childbirth leading to chronic weakness of the abdominal corset. Core stability training is important to restore full strength and stability.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Advice - Post-natal women are at risk of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction following childbirth due to the hormonal effects of pregnancy and the weight of the baby sitting on your pelvic floor leading to weakness and dysfunction. Weakness of core muscles (such as your abdominals) increases the risk of symptoms such as incontinence and vaginal prolapse. If required, we offer bladder and bowel incontinence screening and assist where able.

The overall assessment is designed to identify problem areas that clients may need to work on in order to restore and regain normal function and activity. Following the assessment and discussion of the findings, an effective plan of action will be advised involving an educational and rehabilitation programme.

During the whole pregnancy stage, our therapists also advise upon attendance to our Pre-Natal Pilates classes. Such information can be found by visiting

We also provide Post-Natal Pilates & Post-Natal Yoga for those wishing to recover well following childbirth. For further information on our Post-Natal Pilates, please visit & for further information on our Post-Natal Yoga, please visit

To take a look at our class timetable, please visit

If you are interested in taking part in any of our Pre-Natal or Post-Natal Pilates/Yoga sessions, please submit an enquiry form or contact the clinic direct. You can commence the sessions at any time during the course of pregnancy and after childbirth upon the guidance of our therapists following an initial assessment that will take place at our clinic.

If you would like to book an appointment at our Manchester clinic, please feel free to contact the clinic on 0161 445 5133 or book online.

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