Post-Natal Pilates
Increase Core Stability, Pelvic Floor Strength & Fitness

Post-Natal Pilates

at G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness

Post-Natal Pilates is highly recommended for those who would like to minimise the post-pregnancy symptoms of discomfort, increase core stability, improve general strength and return to your normal daily, leisure and sporting functional level following child delivery.

We provide both one-to-one sessions and also small group sessions to address abdominal core function and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Our therapists and instructors will work with you closely to set a help improve deep abdominal strength and core stability to reduce any weakness, instability and discomfort during the Post-Natal phase. These Pilates sessions are suitable to progress recovery and restore function and improve general fitness. The pace and intensity of the sessions will adapt as core rehabilitation progresses to allow for the bespoke, progressive and productive programmes to be efficient. The main focus of the classes will be modified as time elapses after child-birth.

Some of the main benefits with undertaking Post-Natal Pilates within our clinic include the following:

  • Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles to control and reduce the risk of incontinence and prolapse
  • Strengthening of both core and pelvic muscle groups
  • Enhancing postural awareness to allow effective breathing and reduce the risk of any pregnancy-related spinal pain
  • Strengthening both abdominal and gluteal muscles to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine
  • Reducing muscular tension by stretching spinal, core and upper limb muscle groups
  • Aiding relaxation and advising upon positions of relaxation
  • In-depth education to gain awareness of the recovery phase and aid client satisfaction

To take a look at our class timetable, please visit

If you are interested in taking part in any of our Post-Natal Pilates sessions, please submit an enquiry form or contact the clinic direct. We recommend starting the classes at the 6-week Post-Natal phase. However, you can attend for an initial assessment prior to the 6-week point and even start classes sooner if your GP or midwife advises upon this.

If you would like further information on our specific Post-Natal Physiotherapy service, please visit

We also advise upon Pre-Natal Pilates to minimise pregnancy discomfort, maintain strength and prepare for the most effective post-natal rehabilitation and recovery following child delivery. For further information, please visit

If you have any queries or questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact our Didsbury Manchester clinic. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact the clinic or book online via our online booking system. Clients have the option of paying for each class individually at the clinic or buying a block of six. If you would like to purchase a block of six sessions, these can be bought at the clinic or online by visiting

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