Personal & Fitness Training

Lose Weight, Get Fit & Achieve Elite Fitness

As part of our G4 Fitness service, we provide fitness sessions & personal training to all age-groups and for all levels of fitness. Our dedicated team of skilled fitness instructors is led by a Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor providing a vast amount of military and civilian experience in enhancing levels of fitness that is driven in a fun, motivating and enjoyable way. Sessions are conducted in groups or individually as requested.

Professional instruction is delivered, structured and tailored to suit each individual or group. We welcome all levels of fitness from beginners who are relatively new to exercise up to high performance athletes wishing to enhance their fitness to a new level to get an edge on competitors in their favourite sports.

We operate in unique training areas to suit the needs of the client or group and to meet the demands of specific training goals and intensity. Each session will be individually structured and the training area may differ between sessions to develop and progress bespoke training programmes. We may use indoor gym facilities or the outdoor environment with the use of the natural countryside in the local area. Arrangements can be made for fitness training sessions around your home or work to suit your personal home and work commitments.

Our G4 Fitness team work closely with our physiotherapy, massage & podiatry teams to allow safe and effective training programmes. In the presence of any pre-existing or current injuries, designated rehabilitation programmes are structured to incorporate remedial exercise to aid recovery and return to full function. Our physiotherapists are available to provide assessments for any injury and offer advice at no extra cost.

We greatly value our clients and loyalty cards are provided in which clients claim a free 30 minute sports massage after every 10th paying visit to the clinic. Such entitlement will aid muscle recovery and help to reduce any form of muscle spasm, tightness and tension to ultimately assist with the development and progression of levels of fitness.

Our G4 Fitness team would like to welcome clients who wish to:

  • Establish a base level of fitness and aim towards a fitter & healthier lifestyle
  • Train for aesthetic reasons, increase self-esteem/confidence & meet new people
  • Increase speed, endurance, flexibility, strength, muscle tone & core stability
  • Control body weight and be advised upon nutrition & exercise physiology
  • Enhance physical performance for all sports, leisure activities or events
  • Return to full training following an injury with adequate rehabilitation and progression
  • Modify & progress training methods to avoid the risk of repetition & boredom
  • Monitor personal fitness levels through health/fitness assessments & set new targets

What G4 Fitness programmes have to offer:

  • Individual Personal Training & Group Fitness Sessions (indoor & outdoor environments)
  • Health Assessments & Screening (initial visit & monitored throughout training regimes)
  • Fitness Consultation to discuss training goals and dietary requirements
  • Subsequent Personal Training & Fitness sessions to suit the needs of the individual or group
  • Special discounted rates for groups, blocked sessions and off-peak times
  • Fitness Assessments to develop training programmes and monitor progression
  • Reduced rates for Physiotherapy Treatment, Sports Podiatry & Sports Massage to reduce the risk of injury and allow an efficient return to training to maximise performance

Please note, this service is also available remotely via video calling and via virtual means applications such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Phone. For further information, please click here

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