Simon Lewis

Glyn and his team at G4 have been instrumental in keeping my body going over the last couple of years. Be it physio for injuries or sports massage I always leave feeling a whole lot better!

Jackie Blackburn

​I have been really pleased with the great treatment and care I received from G4 Physiotherapy and Fitness. Glyn and his team helped to keep me fit throughout training and kept me injury free, so that I could take part in Ironman UK 2015. I had entered the Ironman the previous year and was not able to take part due to tearing my calf so this year was really important to me. I couldn’t have done it without their care.

Jane Wilmott

Despite playing football and netball all my life I had never sustained an injury. In April 2014 whilst dancing at a wedding my Achilles tendon completely ruptured. After the operation I was assigned to a physio at the hospital. I knew within minutes it wasn’t going to work. Fortunately a business colleague recommended G4 – Glyn Forshaw. I was at ease with Glyn straight away.

Glyn showed empathy and gave me targeted exercises to aid my recovery he kept me motivated when the going got tough. He went that extra mile and let me use his ice sleeve to reduce the swelling. My consultant said I was the fastest patient he had ever had to be out of the air cast boot after that type of injury I believe that was down to Glyn’s expert treatment and guidance and of course coupled with me being a good patient! Glyn also showed me how to use crutches sounds simple but it’s not with his guidance the sores on my hands disappeared and I was soon gliding like a swan !

In order to aid my rehabilitation, build up my muscle again and get my fitness back after an inactive period I booked some personal training sessions with Glyn. Each week he put me through a tough regime and each week I got stronger and stronger. Whilst at the gym I used to watch people having personal training and thought that’s not for me I was happy just doing my hour at the gym, you think you have had a good work out but you haven’t. Working with Glyn taught me to push the boundaries and that you have the ability to do more and to dig deep and use your body’s reserves.

Glyn has good communication skills and quickly makes you feel at ease he does a complete assessment and he genuinely wants you to recover quickly. When the pain was at its worse Glyn encouraged me and assured me that I would get better. Glyn is very knowledgeable and explains in detail what your injury means.

Geraint Morris

After my last training brick on Wednesday before Ironman UK on Sunday I had some discomfort in my right thigh. As this hadn’t alleviated itself by Friday I contacted a number of physios and G4 was kind enough to book me in for the same day. Siobhan gave my leg a good deep massage to get the knot out. On Sunday my leg was much better and I had very little discomfort on the bike and none on the run. The event was tough with a strong headwind and heavy rain for the first few hours on the bike. I managed to finish in just under twelve and a half hours. I would like to thank G4 for seeing me at such short notice and to Siobhan for sorting my leg out. Glyn even came to watch on the day and was shouting encouragement on the steepest section of the run route.

Jo Richards

I have been a client of G4 for some time now, seeing Glyn for physiotherapy treatment on my ankle. I planned to run three marathons in two weeks for the charity the World Wildlife Fund for Nature and that treatment made me strong enough to undertake that challenge. During the fortnight I was running, I saw Glyn for treatment on a sore achilles that developed and also had some deep tissue massages with Victoria and Chelsea which really helped to keep my legs going. Glyn answered my emails throughout this time and put my mind to rest which reassured me and really helped with the mental part of this challenge!

Wayne Leith

Over the last year, I have employed a number of G4’s services. I first came into contact with the clinic when years of bad posture hunching over a laptop for 14 hour days led to me suffering slipped discs. Glyn and the team did an amazing job in getting me back on my feet and in getting excruciating sciatic pain under control in record time.

Keen to avoid repeat injury, I’ve subsequently employed G4’s Pilates expertise to build a stronger core and Glyn’s considerable talents as a personal trainer to lose weight. He’s got me fitter, faster and stronger than I ever thought possible.

Would I recommend G4? In a heartbeat. Quality services delivered by a great team of people who are professional, knowledgeable and a genuine pleasure to deal with.

Michelle Hume

I regularly visit G4 to be treated for various sporting injuries. All the staff are professional and friendly, not only treating the injuries but also looking for the possible causes behind them. I have recommended G4 to friends and family, we are all in agreement that the service and treatment is fantastic.

Mike Lawrence

I was on operations in Iraq with the Royal Marines and was involved in a Road Traffic Accident. Due to the force of the impact, I sustained debilitating injuries to my neck, left shoulder and back.

Upon returning to the UK, my injuries had not improved due to lack of treatment and I then searched for a physiotherapist.

I was recommended a few places for treatment but I opted to see Glyn at his clinic due to recommendation I had received from a work colleague.

Glyn diagnosed the problems and took time to explain the mechanics of the spine and the injuries which I suffered which made it easier for me to understand what I had actually done.

He then devised a treatment plan that not only involved treatment at his clinic but also self-help exercises to promote the speed of my recovery.

During the final few weeks of treatment, I was taught core stability exercises to strengthen my back and stretching exercises to maintain mobility around the affected joints.

Glyn then incorporated gym sessions as part of the rehabilitation process to increase my fitness to enable me to perform my duties as a Police Officer and a Royal Marine Reservist.

I found his manner and depth of knowledge combined with treatment to be of the highest quality and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing either treatment or indeed fitness advice.

Taz Apergis

Whilst training for an upcoming boxing event, I severely dislocated my hand in two places. I was informed at the time that I would never be able to step into the ring again as my hand was unstable and had been severely weakened. My hand would therefore be unable to cope with the demands of boxing.

However, I was recommended to see Glyn and after intense rehabilitation over a 6 month period, I once again laced up the gloves and fulfilled a dream of boxing as a professional in the ring.

My sincere thanks to Glyn and his efforts for making this possible.

Dan Walford

Whilst rehearsing and filming for a new TV programme, I injured my neck at work which restricted my movement and caused intense pain. I had been working for an ITV production and the media crew still required me to attend for filming every day. Besides this, I could not afford to take time off work as being a self-employed builder I had to keep on working as I had a wedding to save up for!

When I visited Glyn that same evening, he gave me immediate treatment along with professional advice and educated me on the problem. His reassurance and approachable manner allowed myself to return to the TV studio and more importantly return to my private work with less pain and discomfort. After working miracles in a short space of time, three visits later my neck was completely back to normal.

As I am self-employed, I cannot afford to take time away from work for long periods. Living in Didsbury, I now know that I can rely on G4 to sort out any further pulls or niggles to allow me to continue work.

Major Ed Moorhouse

40 Commando Royal Marines returned from Afghanistan at the end of 2010. The attrition on Charlie Company was significant over a demanding seven month deployment

, especially in terms of injuries sustained from daily patrolling in the blistering Afghan summer heat, carrying loads of upwards of 100Ibs.

One of the key successes of the deployment was the Royal Marines ability to continue soldiering even under these climatic and physical strains that everyone faced. Glyn Forshaw was a key component in keeping the Royal Marines “on the road”.

A man hugely respected by his contemporaries, he worked tirelessly, in often highly austere conditions, to ease the physical burdened, in doing so tending a myriad of ailments from sprains, twists and severe muscle damage.

In an intensely physically demanding deployment, Glyn was not only a credit to Charlie Company and the Royal Marines, but also a credit to his profession, where his professionalism, dedication and knowledge was exceptional.

Emma Loizidis

After a painful 5 years of Achilles tendonitis, a collapsed left arch, and what felt like pointless and expensive treatment from various physiotherapists, I felt completely disheartened

and disappointed at the prospect of having to stop the training I loved so much. I struggled to walk without pain and no matter what treatment I tried, the pain continued to increase. I have always enjoyed exercise and competing in trail races and competitions but have had to put all of this on hold due to my injury.

A friend recommended I went to see Glyn from G4 Physio for an initial consultation as she had suffered from a similar problem, and I can honestly say, within that hour, Glyn completed the most thorough and professional diagnosis I had ever received and assured me that together, we would be able to fix my problem.

And sure enough, within 3 months I have completely recovered! Glyn not only gave me regular physiotherapy and special orthotic innersoles to realign my legs, he completely educated me on the problem and how to look after my legs following the intense training I completed each week. He taught me about the importance of resting and stretching and is still now, just a call away, to offer me advice if and when I have any concerns.

I am now back to training 4 times a week and I cannot believe the difference in my fitness and condition of my legs. I feel fitter now than I have ever been. I have just completed the 10km ‘Major Series Challenge 2012’ and thanks to the treatment I received from Glyn and my new legs, I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it!

Thank you Glyn!

Peter Mitchell

As a professional track sprint cyclist representing Great Britain, my body is constantly put under stress from up to four track sessions a week in conjunction with intense gym sessions. Lifting up to 200kg often leaves my muscles fatigued, tired and tense. This build up of tension not only limits my range of movement, but also can increase the risk of knee problems. Therefore, preventing such potential injuries is paramount to my training and professional career.

Self treatment such as using a foam roller or a tennis ball can only do so much to help with my symptoms. I have found that regular deep tissue massage relieves the unwanted tightness that can occur during my training and racing schedule.

G4 Physiotherapy has provided top quality massage that has allowed me to continue my training and has helped to prevent common cycling injuries from occurring. This has enabled me to prepare for my main competition for this year, the ‘Under-23 European Championships’ (Portugal, July 2012).

Massage is something that I can strongly recommend for anybody who suffers from muscle tension / tightness, niggles and pains that regular occur with training. The service that I received from the G4 team was superb, professional and first class!

Robbie Simpson

I was recommended to book in with one of the physiotherapist’s at Didsbury’s G4 Clinic in October 2012. I had been suffering from persistent left sided groin pain and stiffness particularly after intense training sessions or playing matches on a weekly basis for my club.

Being a professional footballer, it was important that I remained injury free and that I was available for match selection every week. The demands of the weekly training sessions are intense and my body is put under extreme pressure with excessive loads place upon it as expected at the level of my sport.

I have found that the treatment of ‘Acupuncture’ in conjunction with other forms of physiotherapy and a specialised rehabilitation programme provided by the team at G4 has enabled me to continue training and playing during the season. The treatment has allowed me to train as hard every day and has helped me to maintain my match fitness and sharpness.

A big highlight of my career has been playing against the big clubs and playing against world class players like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez.

The hard and dedicated work of the team at G4 allowed me to play against Liverpool Football Club in the recent FA Cup tie which we successfully won and progressed to the next round to play Everton Football Club.

I have recommended the treatment of ‘Acupuncture’ to my friends and team mates as the work that the G4 team have done has been tremendous.


Amy Forshaw

I was really fortunate to have Glyn and his team supporting and offering me advice & treatment throughout my 2013 season & training. Last year was the year in which I starting racing as a professional in both half and full Ironman distances. One of the highlights of the year was achieving 3rd place in the UK Ironman in Bolton which was my first full Ironman distance. I was unfortunate to suffer some bad luck during the season with muscle cramps but having G4 at the races when they happened proved really useful. G4’s knowledge and explanation helped me understand what could have potentially caused it and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Glyn also provided key stretches and strengthening exercises to help with my core & lower back.

I am looking forward to my 2014 race season and working with Glyn & his team. My race schedule will be updated on my website shortly – www.tripocketrocket.com

James Walker

The linking up with G4 is something I am looking forward too for the coming season. The knowledge and support that they can help me with in terms of injury prevention and also rehabilitation will allow me to push harder at a higher level. Having been attending regularly over the last couple of years it’s great to have the support of a local practice that is passionate about sport and fitness.’

G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness link up James Walker – 2013 European Xterra European Tour Series AG25-29 Off Road Triathlon Champion

G4 Physiotherapy and Fitness has linked up with Manchester based triathlete James Walker for the coming 2014 season that will see James racing in Australia, Malaysia, Europe and the UK. James primarily races off road in Xterra and this is the premier off road multi sport event that combines a 1.5km open water swim, 35km mountain bike and 10km trail run. Typically Xterra races last between 2.30 hours and 3.30hours depending on how tough the course is.

James took up triathlon just over two seasons ago and competed in some European Tour Series Events in 2012 to get a taste for the competition. In 2013 he won the 2013 European AG 25-29 Xterra Tour Series Off-Road Triathlon Championships and finished 12th at the Xterra World Championships in Maui, Hawaii.

Originally from the Lake District JW has developed from a mountain biking and fell running background which in particular suits the Xterra format of racing.

Amy Davis

I have recently moved to Manchester for work and I happened to stumble across G4 physiotherapy, whilst looking for a physio online. I sent Glyn an email who responded instantly and was extremely helpful. We arranged a consultation for that same week. I had been suffering from persistent tight hamstrings, Glut and groin injuries particularly after intense training sessions or competitions.

Being part of the Karate Wales Squad, it was important that I remained injury free and that I was able to continue training. My weekly training sessions are intense and my body is pushed to the limits. Lots of pressure to train hard is expected at the level of my sport as i fight internationally.

After coming back from the WUKF European Championships, and winning the Gold medal and title European Champion, G4 physio has really helped keep me in shape, keep on top and continue to help aid my injuries.

I have found the ‘Acupuncture’ treatment aswell as other forms of physiotherapy and deep tissue massage provided by the team at G4 has enabled me to continue training and competing. The treatment has allowed me to continue my intense training and has helped me to maintain my personal fitness.

G4 have been extremely professional and helpful, with a very friendly team on board, i would highly recommend them to anyone suffering any injuries!

Many thanks to everyone at G4!

Our Reviews

Sergejs Verze
Sergejs Verze
12 December 2023
Dr. Ryan is a God-given specialist. not only gives a high-quality massage, but also gives lots of good advice. really a very good clinic. thank you for your help
Jenni Moss
Jenni Moss
25 November 2023
I have regular sports massage treatments at G4. I usually see Marion and she is fantastic. As is Heather. Really easy to use online booking system. Highly recommend
Howard Bray
Howard Bray
24 October 2023
Rachel Wallace
Rachel Wallace
11 August 2023
Really impressed with the care and attention given to my daughter with an ankle injury. Ruairi was knowledgeable, thorough and has offered a great plan to support her going forward Thank you
Charles Woolley
Charles Woolley
1 July 2023
Just been to see Nicole (a fully qualified sports rehabilitation practitioner and physio) for a 30 minute consultancy for sciatic nerve pain that was crippling me and OMG she performed wonders! Slight pain now but I have use of both legs again! She gave advice and explanation on how it probably occurred and what was happening in my body to cause the sciatic pain. She deep massaged the area and gave me exercises to do at home..😀 brilliant. Can't recommend highly enough. Thanks Nicole.
Reece Thompson
Reece Thompson
20 June 2023
Over the past few months, I’ve been having regular sports rehabilitation sessions with Ellie and she’s been brilliant! Came to G4, 7 months post ankle break/surgery - with the aim to get back running and playing football. Ellie’s great work in setting out a thorough program for me, with set progress checkpoints along the way, making sure the small increments of improvement didn’t go unnoticed. Really helped me to stay positive and trust the process to get back to where I wanted to be. I managed to reach my goal of participating in the Great Manchester Run end of May and following this into June, I’m now back playing football after 10 months out. Highly recommend G4 and Ellie in particular if you’re struggling with any sort of injury - they’ll get you back in no time!!

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