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April 2017 ASICS Manchester Marathon – Recovery Advice

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all of our clients here at G4 that took part in the 41st ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon this weekend! Finally all those long hours of training, sticking to those nutrition plans and that extra 5 minutes of foam rolling has paid off and you can relax with a sigh of relief. No doubt you all enjoyed a large celebratory meal Sunday night (and maybe a pint or two) as you sat down with your medals – and well deserved they were to say the least! (Most importantly, well done to everyone that made it into work yesterday – even if you weren’t the most useful one in the office). As the week has now begun, I’m sure you’re all thinking about what happens next. When can I run next? How can I help my legs stop feeling like jelly? Have I refuelled properly after such a gruelling workout with a high energy expenditure? Have a read on for some top tips for post marathon recovery….

Fuel your recovery properly; Hopefully you treated yourself to a whole load of carbohydrates the evening following the race,(wholegrain pasta, rice, bread, potatoes) as this is the fuel source your body relied on the most for those 26.2 miles! Light foods would also be good to have digested, such as fruits and vegetables. These will provide vital nutrients and antioxidants to aid the body’s recovery over the following days.  Try keeping meals small and regular over the next few days to allow your body to replenish its energy stores, also drinking plenty of water to rehydrate yourself and allow any inflammation through the muscles to settle.

Get your muscles moving; Each individuals body will cope differently the days after a marathon, but the key is to listen to what your body is telling you. Keep moving and avoid being stationary for long periods. Recovery may be aided by a short 10-15 minute light jog over the following days, or just a nice gentle yoga class to get some mobility back into those tired legs. Focus on some light stretching after a jog or light workout, when the muscles are warm and pliable – check out our blog section here for some ideas to loosen those Gluteals, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves and Achilles tendons.

Treat yourself; Your body has just got you through 26.2 miles, take the time to indulge! Help with that Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (commonly known as DOMS), by treating yourself to a light Sports Massage to release your aches and pains, improve circulation to your tired muscles and restore muscle balance throughout the body.  You could even try an Indian Head Massage to stimulate blood flow, alleviate any stress allowing you to sleep better and feel more relaxed throughout the whole body.

Return to running; Ultimately, everyone will recover at different rates following a marathon. Allow your body the time it needs to fully recover both mentally and physically, before starting off with low mileage running. Try mixing up your exercise routine for a while, with low intensity alternatives such as swimming, cross training or a gentle aerobic class at the gym. Make sure you’re enjoying your training, if you need to rest for a few weeks longer because that’s right for you, then do! If you feel like you may have suffered with an injury or a minor niggle, avoid running (altered gait and biomechanics due to injury can lead to further issues) and seek a Physiotherapy assessment to prevent further injury, and aid your return to training stronger than before. If you have any injury concerns, would like advice or post race advice recommendations, please contact the clinic on 0161 445 513, email enquiries@g4physio.co.uk or book online.



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