G4’s Expansion For Excellence & Performance…

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“This time last year (4th November 2013), a significant and exciting time happened for G4. As many will know G4 moved 500m from its Palatine Road location, to its present location in Didsbury – 49 Barlow Moor Road. The move has been fantastic and has allowed the much-needed expansion of the services we offer, and the team’s ability to get clients better and fitter to grow and grow into continued excellence.

We could not have done this without the help and guidance of numerous people to assist with the move. Such people involved the excellent clinicians, therapists and administrative teams at the clinic; family, friends and the fantastic community of clients that we have across the whole of Manchester and Cheshire, with many travelling significant distances to see our team, due to the clinic’s excellent reputation.

The clients’ needs always come first and the G4 team’s flexibility and passion means we can accommodate appointments from 6am to as late as 10pm Monday to Sunday, allowing the best possible care and attention of clients, that helps our clinic grow at the high rate that it does.

Our high standards throughout employment and service delivery both inside and outside of the clinic has been the key to our success, with getting clients injury free and fitter in the quickest amount of time possible with the minimum amount of fuss.

Once again, I would like to thank every single client, friend and family for your tremendous support and we will continue delivering the best possible physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness healthcare amongst other disciplines that G4 provide.”

Glyn Forshaw – G4 Managing Director & Lead Clinician

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