‘KORE’ Therapy Treatment

Published On: 9 November 2017Categories: News & Updates

Here at G4 one of our therapists Anna is recently a qualified Kore specialist. Have a read below to see if she can help you today!

As a qualified Kore specialist I am now able to offer treatments which are unique in instigating a natural recovery response to many conditions, this is shown through functional muscle testing diagnostic systems before and after treatment. It is a ground-breaking treatment & assessment system, specialising in finding and treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating an improvement even in the most chronic conditions.

It has had a dramatic impact in the fitness world, capable of accelerating sporting performance & recovery by instantly increasing muscle power in the world’s top athletes.

Musculoskeletal testing: This involves checking muscle power in a number of physical positions highlighting injured and imbalanced areas, treatment is initiated here and the power is retested to ensure successful recovery has been achieved. Within this treatment I am able to offer gentle pelvis and spine release, spinal and cranial energy releases, ICV balancing, specialised dry massage releases, mobilisation and joint releases, muscle enhancement techniques.

Anmo Fu (abdominal massage): Using muscle tests and palpation I diagnose the internal organs & reflex points for imbalance before applying oil to the area. Using specific massage and holding techniques I can unwind all the different fascia and connective tissue to remove the stress and tension out of the area.  This treatment can help to overcome bloating, weight gain issues, constipation, fatigue and many more.

Food intolerance testing: Again using muscle tests I am able to find out which food and drinks are disagreeing with the body and should be avoided or taken a break from consuming. Food intolerance can cause symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, weight gain, discomfort and many more.


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