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Hip Fractures (Femoral Head)


The hip joint connects the femur bone to the pelvis. Fractures of the hip commonly occur around the femoral head within the site of the hip joint. An avulsion fractures occurs when a fragment of bone tears away from the bone itself. Such fractures are normally associated with damage to the ligaments or tendons situated around the pelvis.

Causes: A heavy blow or sudden force such as a rugby tackle can cause a hip fracture. Avulsion fractures are rare and may occur when the quadriceps and hamstring muscles are used in actions that require rapid acceleration such as martial arts, basket ball or badminton.

Symptoms & Diagnosis: Femoral head fractures will immediately cause pain associated with an inability to move the leg due to the discomfort. Avulsion fractures normally lead to pain in the muscle that has been pulled away from the bone and within the bone tissue itself. An X-Ray will be required to determine the location and severity of the fracture.

Management: Early diagnosis and intervention is required to assist with the immediate care of the problem. Once able, physiotherapy is recommended to provide allow a full return to function, leisure and sporting activities.

Please feel free to contact the G4 Clinic to speak to a member of the team for any questions that you may have.

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