Osteitis Pubis

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Osteitis Pubis is a non-infectious inflammation of the pubis symphysis; the front lower region of the pelvis. The problem may occur as an inflammatory process in individuals when the pelvis is exposed to excessive or repetitive stress. It is normally associated as an overuse injury and usually leads to pain and potential bone degeneration around the pelvis.

Causes: Osteitis Pubis is commonly associated with sports that involve forceful and sudden changes of direction, running, jumping or weight bearing activity. Sports such as gymnastics, football, tennis, athletics and hockey are possible attributes to the onset of the problem. Biomechanical implications can contribute to the problem by causing excessive forces to be distributed through the pelvis.

Symptoms & Diagnosis: Symptoms can be sudden or gradual. Pain is normally reported on both or one side of the groin and around the lower abdominal region. High intensity exercise will commonly provoke the symptoms. Stiffness of the hips may be reported as the problem becomes chronic in nature. An X-ray or MRI scan may be indicated to investigate the extent of the inflammation and the severity of the disorder.

Management: Early diagnosis by a skilled physiotherapist or doctor is recommended to help control and manage the symptoms at an early stage. The correct rehabilitation and advice is recommended along with a lower limb biomechanical assessment as required.

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