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Elbow Bursitis


A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that helps to reduce friction between the bone and overlying tendons. The elbow bursa is situated posteriorly at the back of the elbow joint. If the bursa is injured, the sac will become swollen and excess fluid is normally produced. The condition can be very painful and can affect daily routine activities reducing functional capabilities.

Causes: Injury to the elbow from a fall or direct impact can contribute to bursitis. Sports that require repetitive actions such as swimming and activities or positions that cause sustained pressure on the elbow may lead to bursitis.

Symptoms and diagnosis: Pain and swelling are the most common symptoms in the posterior part of the elbow.
Risks and complications:

Management: Early physiotherapy intervention is recommended to correctly diagnose the problem and provide treatment and advice to allow an early recovery from the injury. If left untreated, the bursa may become infected which can lead to more serious complications.

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