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Triceps Kickback

The exercise is great for both beginners and experts and allows the Triceps to be targeted slightly different to allow for greater muscle gains.


Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

1.Start by resting one knee onto a bench with the same side arm supporting the upper body, holding the dumbbell in the opposite hand (of the arm you wish to work).

2. Keep the palm of the hand facing the body, and extend at the elbow to straighten the arm behind you, ensuring the core is strong throughout and without letting the lower back extend or arch.

3. Pause at the top of the contraction before bending at the elbow to return to the start position.


Cable Kickback

By using the cable machine to perform this exercises you create tension on the target muscles throughout the whole rep.

Two – Arm Kickback

This exercise allows both arms to be work at the time but in order to keep your torso in the right position it requires a strong core and set of stabilising back muscles.


Please seek the advice of a GP, physiotherapist or a medically qualified personal trainer before commencing any exercise to avoid the risk of any injury. We do not advise performing any exercise if it exhibits any pain or discomfort in any way.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the exercises, please contact the Didsbury clinic (Manchester) to discuss with your physiotherapist or personal trainer.


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