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Tricep Dip

With many variations, Tricep dips are a terrific exercise for strengthening the Tricep muscles, but importantly requires correct technique.

Bench Tricep Dips
1. Sit on the floor with a bench behind your back, perpendicular to your body with you facing away from it.

2. Place your arms behind you, shoulder width apart and the palms of your hands on the bench, fingers and knuckles facing the same direction as you.

3. With the legs extended (slightly soft at the knees) and the weight through the heels, lift the body off the floor using your Triceps by extending the elbows to straighten the arms.

4. Pause in this position, before slowly lowering the body back to the start position.

Weighted Triceps Dip

To ensure you are making progressive gains you need to increase the resistance for the triceps, adding a weighted plate across your thighs may be the easiest way to do this.  Alternatively try placing the feet on another box or bench in front of you, increasing the range of movement at the arms, as well as adding in some extra balance and stability work.


Please seek the advice of a GP, physiotherapist or a medically qualified personal trainer before commencing any exercise to avoid the risk of any injury. We do not advise performing any exercise if it exhibits any pain or discomfort in any way.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the exercises, please contact the Didsbury clinic (Manchester) to discuss with your physiotherapist or personal trainer.

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