Modified Pilates Exercises

Abdominal & Core Strengthening Exercises
Pelvic Tilt & Neutral Spine
20th November 2014

The Pelvic Tilt & Neutral Spine Imagine the pelvis is continuous ring like the top of a bucket. Gently tip the bucket backwards, flattening your spine into the floor, imagine tipping water out of the back of the bucket. Then gentle tilt forwards, imagine tipping water from the front of your bucket, you will feel […]

Pilates Basic Rest Position
12th November 2014

It is important to find the correct starting position before you commence your Pilates exercises. The postures can be incorporated into your everyday life and will re-educate your body to find the neutral alignment that will make your movement more efficient. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your feet should be hip width […]

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