Sports Podiatry
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Sports Podiatry

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Many individuals suffer from problems related to lower limb function and biomechanics. Such problems may include neck & back pain, hip & knee pain (e.g. ITB, patella-femoral joint & patella tendon pain), shin splints, calf pain/tightness, achillies tendonitis and foot/toe/arch pain. The onset of symptoms may be acute or chronic.

Sports Podiatry is the assessment and treatment of injuries associated with the leg, knee, foot and ankle by altering lower limb function using a variety of methods.

A member of our G4 team will conduct a clinical assessment and analyse the way an individual's foot strikes the ground. An evaluation will take place of the chain of motion of the major joints in the leg from the initial foot strike throughout the gait cycle. An accurate diagnosis will be given along with specialist advice and intervention to help alleviate symptoms and help prevent further injuries.

Treatments may include corrective orthotic devices and footwear advice/modification. Specific stretching and strengthening exercises may be taught along with education about the origin of the problem(s). Such intervention will assist to alleviate the problems and enable the client to return to their favourite sports and leisure activities.

Alternatively, please visit for additional information about the service that we provide.

If you have any queries or questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact our Didsbury Manchester clinic. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please feel free to contact the clinic or book online via our online booking system.

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