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Physiotherapy will help to relieve your symptoms and prevent further injury. We will accurately diagnose your problem following a thorough assessment and we will then provide treatment on your initial consultation. Such treatment will consist of the latest scientific and evidence based practice modalities that we as a team feel will be the most beneficial for each condition.

Treatments may include spinal joint and soft tissue mobilisations & manipulation, traction, acupuncture, massage and electrotherapy to promote healing (e.g. Ultrasound).

A specific strengthening and exercise rehabilitation programme may be devised if required to suit each individual to enable a full recovery and a return to full fitness. Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis may be required as part of the assessment process. Our physiotherapy assessments and treatments are conducted by our team of chartered physiotherapists, sports therapists & rehabilitators.

If we feel that a GP or a Specialist referral and further investigations (e.g. X-ray or MRI scan) are required, the most appropriate method of referral will be discussed and put into action.

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