Metatarsal Fractures


Metatarsal fractures occur in everyday life with trauma or may occur during exercise and when taking part in sport

Causes: Metatarsal fractures often occur through trauma during contact sports such as football and rugby. Stress fractures may occur with repetitive use and subsequent force exerted on the bones. Such fractures are common in running. Biomechanical implications may often contribute to the onset of a stress fracture.

Symptoms & Diagnosis: The most common symptoms of a metatarsal fracture are pain, swelling and the inability to bear weight on the affected foot. There may also be toe deformity or discomfort when wearing shoes. An X-ray will help to diagnose the problem and an MRI or CT scan may be conducted if required.

Management: The correct early management is recommend to assist in the swift recovery of the fracture. Walking aids may be required along with the use of a support. Physiotherapy and a biomechanical assessment may be indicated to assist with any biomechanical problems that may have contributed to the injury. Rehabilitation is indicated by a skilled physiotherapist to assist with the return to full function and the return to sport.

Please feel free to contact the G4 Clinic to speak to a member of the team for any questions that you may have.

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