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G4 has recently teamed up with ZipVit to bring you the latest range of sports nutrition products. We are now offering a wide range of electrolyte drinks, protein recovery bars, energy bars, energy gels, and energy drinks in a variety of delicious flavours including bakewell tart, chocolate caramel and cherry. The Spanish Cycling Team, Team RadioShack 2010, and BMC Racing Team are just a few of the teams and organisations to use ZipVit’s range. Some of the products have been specifically designed to consume before and during exercise to help you reach your peak level of physical ability and performance, whilst others have been tailored for consumption post-exercise to facilitate maximum recovery and muscle growth. All of the products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure minimal stomach upsets, which are a commonly reported side effect of the use of sports nutrition products. In addition to the performance-enhancing properties, each product contains a wealth of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to facilitate optimum health. Below is a brief description of the products available:

Energy Gels

Energy gels are a newer, more practical and portable alternative to sports drinks, which deliver carbohydrates in order to help prevent fatigue, elevate blood sugar levels and enhance performance. Just one gel provides 51g of easily digested carbohydrates, making it an ideal choice for energy release during training and competing. The standard gels contain caffeine, which is scientifically proven to improve mental and physical performance. Our newest gels on offer contain beetroot nitrates, and boast only half the calories of ZipVit’s other gels. The beetroot nitrates are converted into nitric oxide, which benefit from greatly improving power and stamina.

When should I be taking these?

Take 2-3 of these gels in the 3 days prior to your event, followed by 2 gels an hour before your event.

Protein Recovery Bars

Each bar contains 20g of high quality whey and milk proteins and 25g of easily digested carbohydrates. The ratio of carbohydrates and proteins has been scientifically formulated to accelerate muscle recovery and refuelling. Supplying protein shortly after exercise prevents the breakdown of original muscle, and aids in facilitating further muscle growth.

When should I be taking these?

These bars are best consumed immediately after exercise in order to help your muscles recover and regrow to be stronger and more efficient.

Energy Bars

It is widely recognised that one of the primary causes of fatigue in endurance exercise is the depletion of carbohydrate stores. This can be largely prevented however, by the regular consumption of carbohydrates, which are the preferred source of energy for the muscles. Energy bars contain a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates which allow the body to train at higher exercise intensities.

When should I be taking these?

Energy bars are valuable both before and after exercise. They provide the necessary energy for the requirements of the activity, and restore the muscles fuel supply immediately after exercise. They also preserve muscle mass as the high glucose content stimulates an insulin response which counteracts the cortisol and minimizes protein breakdown.

Sports drinks

During exercise, electrolytes are lost from the body through sweat, in particular sodium and potassium, which need to be replaced. Sports drinks are extremely effective at replacing water, electrolytes and energy following exercise, and additionally topping up the body’s carbohydrate stores. These are ideal for anyone taking part in endurance activities, as they help to improve performance, prevent dehydration, muscle cramps and fatigue, and ensure a rapid recovery.

When should I be taking these?

For ultimate hydration and to maintain optimum performance, sports drinks are ideal during and after periods of exertion.


ZV Electrolyte Drink £9.99

ZV Protein recovery bar £1.75

ZV Energy bar £1.29

ZV Energy gel £1.49

ZV Beetroot Nitrate Performance Gel £1.99

ZV Energy drink Elite £10.99


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