Coconut Water & Exercise

coconut water water sport bottle

Coconut water is the clear water that is found in young, green coconuts. It is very different from, and shouldn’t be confused with coconut milk which is made from more mature coconuts and is high in fats and oils.

Frequently used by athletes, coconut water can be used as a more natural alternative to sports drinks when you are trying to keep hydrated. Compared to sports drinks, coconut water contains less calories, less sodium and more potassium.  During exercise, potassium and sodium are lost through sweating. To prolong physical exercise and to aid recovery, the body requires an adequate resupply of such minerals. Coconut water is very high in potassium and is therefore excellent for replenishing the potassium during and after exercise along with enhancing rehydration. For intense and prolonged exercise sessions a normal sports drink may be more effective as it will ensure you get enough sodium and calories to fuel your activity. Aside from sport, coconut water is also used as a hangover cure to rehydrate the body quickly after drinking alcohol.

Coconut water is fat and cholesterol free and is relatively low in calories. However, it can add calories to the diet so don’t drink it excessively. However, it is a much better alternative when compared to fizzy drinks and high sugar juices. Make sure you purchase the natural and unflavoured varieties as they are free from refined sugars and additives.  Some people do not enjoy the taste of the coconut water so try adding a splash of apple or pineapple juice to make it more enjoyable!

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