Functional Rehabilitation

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Following any form and type of injury, it is important that the client’s symptoms fully resolve in conjunction with the most effective rehabilitation programme based on the client’s functional goals for the restoration of complete recovery.

The team at G4 excel at not only assisting with the full resolution of symptoms, but also helping the clients return to their favourite sports and activities in the most effective way and within an efficient timescale.

What we believe to be critical as part of the rehabilitation process, is taking that vital step further with our clients to assist in a complete recovery from all injuries. Only so much rehabilitation can take place within an indoor setting and therefore we believe that it is important to work with clients outdoors in the natural environment to enhance their rehabilitation process as indicated. For example, with a client who has suffered a lower limb injury whilst taking part in an outdoor fitness class or boot-camp, it is important to focus their rehabilitation towards returning to full outdoor fitness. As indicated, such rehabilitation may take place in the outdoor environment to mimic those activities that the client wishes to return to sooner rather than later.

We often take walkers, runners, footballers, athletes and others who take part in various sports to the local outdoors in their final steps to full recovery and function. Such rehabilitation may include flexibility work, muscular strength/endurance exercises, cardio-vascular and proprioception training.

Our philosophy is that if the client can take part in one of our rehabilitation sessions that incorporates skills and activities that are similar to those in their favourite sports and activities, then a swift return to their full participation will be imminent.

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