50 Years Old & 50 Park-Runs To Date!

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K. Morgan Parkrun photo

“I started running in May 2012, after watching the London marathon on television and thinking that I should try running seriously before I was too old (I was 50 in October 2012).   Although I went to the gym twice a week for personal training, this had focused on strength training rather than cardio. My trainer, Gemma, suggested that I follow the 0 to 5k app programme, so I downloaded it. It’s an eight week programme, with warm ups and cool downs, and gets you going with run / walk for the first few weeks.

My daughter joined in, and then my neighbours, and we decided to enter the Big Fun run to give ourselves a deadline.

Much to my surprise, I enjoyed running!  I was very stressed when the app told me to run for eight minutes without stopping; I hadn’t ever run for that long but once I did, I knew I could run for 5k!

My foot started to hurt when I ran, so I saw the physiotherapist at the gym.  He told me to buy proper running shoes, not just pretty ones, so I invested in good ones with a proper fitting session. That really helped and stopped the pain.

The app said to run three times a week, so I did that and ticked off my progress. My aim for the fun run was to run the whole thing, no walking, and to do it in less than 45 minutes.  I did both, and then wondered what to do next….

Fortunately my neighbour, Alan, had found out about Park Run and discovered that there was one in the park near our houses in Wythenshawe. We registered and starting running every week. Park run is so sociable and fun that it’s a highlight of my week. And one really nice thing is that you can run at any of them – I’ve done a few in Manchester, one in Huddersfield and one in Denmark. The barcode system means your results are all logged, and I’ve been so excited to approach 50 runs. My friends from Park Run have been amazing – we text and Facebook during the week to support each other.

I’ve now done 50 park runs, plus a 10k race in Salford.  I’m entered for the Manchester 10k this coming May, and, much to my amazement, I’ve entered a triathlon in July!  So I’m now swimming and cycling as well.

Running has made me both stronger and fitter.  My skin is clearer, my hair is thicker, and I now have more energy!”

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