1000 Abs & Arms Challenge & Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund Report

RMCTF photo 2 1000

On 1st August, the Royal Marines Reserves (RMR Merseyside) put a team together to take part in a 1000 press-up & 1000 abdominal challenge. Over 60 people took part and the challenge took place in Liverpool and consisted of 100 sets of both sit-ups (abdominal exercise) and press-ups (arm exercise; triceps). 10 repetitions of both exercises were performed throughout a running and mixed-circuit session which lasted approximately two hours in total.

Glyn Forshaw, the managing director and lead clinician of ‘G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness’ was among one of the reservists who took part from the RMR.

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCFT) is a charity that has been set up in aid to raise money and funding for serving and retired Royal Marines and their dependants. The charity is governed by serving and retired Royal Marines who ensure that all kind donations and contributions are used in the most beneficial way to help the Royal Marines family. The RMFCT set a challenge of raising £6,000,000 by 2014 to denote the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines. In recent years, many Royal Marines have been unfortunate to be involved in both tragic and life debilitating incidents. The RMCFT strive to ensure the best possible care is given to those brave soldiers and their families.

G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness would like to thank each person that kindly donated money at the clinic for the RMCFT. Every single contribution was greatly appreciated.

If you would like further information on the charity or would like to further voluntary contribute to the RMCFT please feel free to contact the G4 clinic or visit one of the following links:


We have a selection of charity RMCFT wrist bands and t-shirts still available at the Didsbury (Manchester) clinic which are available in exchange for kind contributions. Please feel free to pop in to our clinic at any time to collect a token of your choice.


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