G4’s Top Tip for Running in the Cold

Wearing the correct clothing when running in cold conditions is a must to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable run.  A layering system is the best way to keep warm through your walk or run without overheating. Please see the below:

  1. A Base Layer such a skin tight top made from breathable fabric works to draw sweat away from your body.
    2. A Mid Layer such as a fleece to keep warmth within the body and remove moisture from the base layer
    3. An Outer Layer such as a light weight water resistant jacket to protect from the rain and wind.

*BIG TIP, always head out on the run with a pair of gloves and a hat. Such items are great to stop you losing heat and to keep those ears warm. You can always take them off at any point and put them in your waist band or pockets.

A run before or after work at this time of year is likely to be in the dark or certainly entail reduced lighting. It’s important that you are visible to other people and all traffic. Reflective or bright clothing garments are a simple way to do this.

Warm up and Cool Down:
The temptation when going out for a run in the cold is to get running as quickly as possible to try and warm you up. Once your heart rate has been raised, it is advisable to conduct a series of light and brief stretches to mobilise the body further. It is advised to start slow with light jogging or even walking to get the muscles warm and ready.  Once up to the desired speed, it is important to maintain warm throughout and to avoid prolonged static positions or activities.

Staying Motivated:
It can be incredibility hard to motivate yourself to step out of that front door when the ground is covered in snow and on occasions when you can see your own breath! A great way to keep your motivation is to find a friend to run with run as part of a group,

If the cold just isn’t for you, the next couple of weeks are a great time to focus on more indoor strength and conditioning sessions that usually takes a back seat when in full training mode.

Why not try something different and come along to one of our many indoor fitness classes held at our Didsbury Gym. For further information, please visit https://www.g4physio.co.uk/g4-fitness-classes/

If you would like any further advice on running or training in ice and other wintery conditions, please contact a member of our staff at the clinic and we will be happy to help.

Keep safe on the ice or snow and enjoy the fresh air!


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