Tough Mudder 2013

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Yorkshire’s ‘ Tough Mudder’ (7-8th September 2013) is only months away and it is great to see so many clients and runners around Manchester increasing their training intensity as preparation for the big event.

Our Personal Training that is delivered to our clients is rapidly improving their fitness levels and putting together the final touches in place for the endurance venture.

The G4 team have a big role to play in keeping all competitors fit and injury free to allow their training to continue at the desired level. Many competitors have been seeking our advice and input for the following onset of problems:

1. Shin pain whilst running that eases off in the first couple of miles but then gradually gets worse

2. Back of the heel (Achilles tendon) pain and stiffness during the run and the following morning

3. Lateral hip or knee pain – pain on the outside of the hip or  knee

4. Pain beneath the knee-cap

5.Pain behind the knee-cap

6. Calf tightness and pain with running long distances

7. Pain in the arch of the foot

8. General muscle tension around the back, neck & shoulders

Fortunately, our team accurately diagnose these symptoms early and provide the correct and efficient mode of physiotherapydeep tissue massage to help alleviate the problems.

If you have any injury concerns or would like advice about your training please feel free to contact the Manchester clinic on 0161 445 5133 or email

Keep training hard!

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