Salford 10K 2014

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Congratulations to all those completing the Salford 10k this weekend! Over 3500 runners took part in the annual charity event beginning and finishing at Salford Quays.

Below are a few tips and advice protocols to help promote an efficient full recovery and enable a swift return back to running and further training regimes:

  1. Apply the recommended immediate treatment guidelines to any injuries sustained during the run – R.I.C.E. principle;
  2. Treat yourself to a sports remedial massage to help promote recovery and relieve tight or sore muscles and joints (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness – DOM’s);
  3. Treat all foot blisters or broken skin correctly to avoid the risk of infection;
  4. Replenish the body with plenty of water and other fluids to chemically re-balance the body’s chemical composition following fluid and salt depletion experienced during the run;
  5. Replenish the body with the correct nutrients; include a high intake of carbohydrates to resupply the muscle glycogen stores & consume an adequate increased load of protein to allow the body tissues to repair and regenerate;
  6. Conduct gentle joint and muscle range of movement stretches to help alleviate any soft tissue tightness and joint stiffness;
  7. In conjunction with a stretching programme, gentle cardiovascular exercise with help to increase circulation to the fatigued and depleted muscles to help stimulate recovery and rejuvenation;
  8. Seek a skilled physiotherapist with knowledge of running & biomechanical injuries to assist with any injuries sustained in the run or experienced during the previous training months;
  9. Finally, be proud of yourself – well done!

Please feel free to contact the Manchester G4 Clinic to speak to a member of the team for any questions that you may have.

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