The Importance of a Professional Bike Fit

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Following the success of the London Olympics last year, the UK has seen a huge growth within the sport of cycling.

Throughout the UK, many people are seen on a daily basis pushing themselves to their limits on road bikes, training for triathlons and ironman competitions and leisurely riding their bikes as a recreational activity.

Many people are seen at the G4 Didsbury Clinic with neck, back and lower limb problems associated with overstraining and excessive tension whilst in the cycle position. Common problems associated with an improper cycle fit include the following:


Poor posture and an incorrect bike set-up can therefore lead to symptoms hindering performance and training programmes. The dynamics and mechanical issues associated with cycling therefore prove critical when maximum performance and efficiency is the goal. Seeking the expert knowledge of a good physician will allow muscle torque and power to be at its most effective whilst on the bike and reduce the risk of injury.

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