Pre-Half Marathon Race Tips & Advice

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As your half marathon race is approaching, it is imperative that you aim to prepare both your body and mind to the level of maximum capability to allow performance to excel on the day of the race. The correct and most effective training programme advised by a skilled personal trainer is the key to completion and to achieve a good half marathon running time. However, the below tips and advice will allow you to be one step ahead of everyone at the start of the race:

  1. Reduce your training load one week prior to the race to allow the body to fully replenish with the correct nutrients and avoid the risk of injury.
  2. Consider treating yourself to a sports massage targeting the main lower limb muscle groups and low back to relieve muscular tension and tightness. Massage will also improve circulation to the working muscles to help with the replenishment of nutrients and remove wasteful toxins from the body.
  3. Seek a skilled physiotherapist if you have any injury niggles that may hamper your performance.
  4. Increase your carbohydrate intake three days prior to the race in a strategy called ‘carbo-loading’. This will help to increase the muscle glycogen store which is used as the main energy fuel during endurance running.
  5. Consume plenty of water on days before the race to maximise the body’s water content to assist with body metabolism and function. Avoid alcohol and too much caffeine as they are both diuretics and will encourage unwanted fluid loss.
  6. Consider sports drinks and sports gels for consumption prior and during the run. The correct brand and content will help to sustain efficient energy levels in the working muscles. However, if you have not used these previously as part of your training schedule then I would probably avoid using them in case they interfere with your individual body metabolism and energy production.
  7. Have plenty of sleep on the nights leading up to the race to allow the body to repair, regenerate and replenish adequately.
  8. Plan your pre-race meal and make sure it works for you. Everybody is different and each runner may have different food habits. Aim to consume slow-releasing carbohydrates at a good time on the morning of the race (e.g. porridge oats).
  9. Aim to arrive at the event early in preparation for the race to avoid delays and last minute worries if you are held up by any means.
  10. Aim to reach the start-line 30 minutes before the start to allow a full warm-up. A good thorough warm-up will help to increase circulation to the working muscles and stimulate the neuromuscular pathways. As part of the warm-up, aim to raise the heart rate and blood supply to the working muscles and finish off with thorough controlled muscular stretches of the main muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps, hip flexors, hamstrings & calf muscles).
  11. Finally, enjoy the race; it is only a case of moving one foot in front of the other for 13.1 miles…

Please feel free to contact the Manchester G4 Clinic to speak to a member of the team for any questions that you may have.

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