A New Year … and a New You

A New Year … & A New You


Every year, individuals all over the UK decide on their traditional New Years Resolutions to start a new chapter and invest in some self-improvement.  A poll for the 2015/16 New Year showed that weight loss and improved health and fitness are among the most popular resolutions each year. Unfortunately, further research shows that sticking to these resolutions doesn’t last longer than a few weeks for some people, which leads to the return of old habits and a lack of motivation.

Here at the G4 Didsbury Clinic we can help you make those goals a reality, by providing individual advice suited to you to help keep you accountable!

  • Our Nutritional Therapists use an evidence based approach to offer dietary analysis and prescription to help with weight management, ongoing health concerns and provide general sports nutrition advice.
  • The G4 Fitness Team can tailor fun and motivating training programmes for individuals with backgrounds in any levels of fitness, to suit your own goals and reach those targets.
  • Our team of Massage Therapists and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Therapists all work alongside the Health and Fitness teams to provide safe and effective programmes to prevent injury and promote total body fitness. Sports and Deep Tissue Massage  combined with your exercise programmes can be perfect to keep you feeling energetic, strong and flexible!

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If you have any questions, or require any of our services please contact G4 Physiotherapy and Fitness Didsbury, Manchester by emailing admin@g4physio.co.uk or call 0161 4455133.

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