How much physical activity should you be doing?

In today’s society physical activity and exercise surround us on a daily basis, whether it’s a 5 a side football game, a kick about in the park with the kids or even taking the stairs at work. But how much exercise should we be doing to benefit our health and wellbeing?

The Department of Health UK advises adults aged 19-64 should be aiming to carry out some physical activity daily, but aim for two types of activity throughout the week; moderate aerobic activity, and strength based exercises.

Moderate/Vigorous aerobic activity: This type of activity will cause adults to get warmer and breathe faster due to increased blood flow and heart rate. This should equate to 150 minutes or 2.5 hours across the week e.g. 30 mins on at least 5 days and can be combinations of moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise.

Moderate  aerobic exercise includes:
– Brisk walking
– Hiking
– Swimming
– Cycling
– Mowing the lawn
– Climbing the stairs

Vigorous aerobic activity includes:
– Jogging or running
– Exercise classes e.g. spinning or circuit training
– Team sports e.g. football, rugby, hockey.

Strength exercises: This type of exercise involves using muscles against a resistance,  and can include weight training in a gym or home environment, or even some daily activities and chores.

Strength exercises:
– Body weight exercises e.g. squats, push ups, sit ups.
– Exercise weights e.g. free weights or weights machines
– Resistance band work
– Heavy  labour work e.g. gardening or decorating
– Yoga or Pilates
– Skipping

Strength based exercise doesn’t count as aerobic – so this so be on top of the 150 minutes aerobic activity you’re carrying out in the week! Being active on a daily basis has numerous health benefits, including weight management, improving self-esteem and reducing the risk of a number of health issues including type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Here at G4 we can help you meet these goals with our wide variety of Personal Training, Circuit classes, Pilates classes and Sports Rehabilitation sessions. Please contact the clinic on 0161 445 513, email or book online.

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