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Calcaneal (Heel Bone) Fracture

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The heel bone (calcaneus) is the initial point of ground contact during the gait cycle as the heel strikes the ground. High impact activity exerts a lot of pressure on the calcaneus during running, walking, jumping and other leisure and sporting activities. A forceful and sudden load on the point of heel contact may result in a fracture.

Causes: Trauma such as a fall from a ladder or a high impact high jump landing may cause a fracture to the bone. Fractures of the heel can also be the result of continuous repetitive stress placed on the calcaneus in activities such as long distance running.

Symptoms & Diagnosis: Symptoms normally involve pain with weight-bearing and in severe cases the inability to exert any weight on the heel at all. Swelling and bruising may be present. The action of squeezing the heel may produce excruciating pain. In very serious cases, the broken bone may have pierced through your skin. An X-ray would be indicated to confirm the diagnosis.

Management: Early medical attention is recommended to help control the symptoms and allow the bone to fully heel in an efficient way. A special support or the use of a walking aid may be advised as indicated. A biomechanical assessment may be indicated to assist with the management of the problem.

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