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The following information relates to how certain decisions can have a big impact on the food you eat each day. Now most people think that they can control what they eat at meal times by choosing certain things to eat and by limiting portion sizes. But in fact the decision making occurs much earlier in the process whilst you are shopping for food at the supermarkets.

Supermarkets can be overwhelming when searching for the foods you wish to purchase with different brands of the same thing and special offers diverting your attention. But taking a closer look at the food you are buying and planning ahead each week can really influence a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some ideas that may change the way you shop and the foods you eat:

  • Take the time out to look at the labels on the food you are buying. Is there a healthier version of the same product? Or could there be an alternative product completely they may be lower in calories or fat?
  • Each week purchase a different fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before. We all have certain fruits & veg that are part of our diet but what about more unusual types. Try them and you may like them!
  • Are there any foods that you tried once and have never eaten since because you didn’t like it? Well our tastes can change over time and maybe with trying it again you may decide you like it.
  • Avoid falling into the traps where products are advertised as “low calorie”, “low fat” or “low sodium”. For example, a product may be low in calories but this may disguise its high fat or sodium content.
  • Before you go to the supermarket, plan what meals you will be eating throughout the week and plan any snacks. Also, going to the supermarket when feeling hungry can lead to some impulse buys.
  • When you return from the supermarket prepare some healthy snacks such as carrot sticks and leave in a container in the fridge so they are a healthy and accessible when hunger hits.


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