Triceps Muscle Stretch




Muscle Group:

  • Triceps – 3-headed muscle situated at the back of the upper arm


Muscle Action:

  • Primarily elbow extension but may also assist with shoulder extension
  • Controls both elbow flexion and shoulder flexion eccentrically



  1. Fully elevate one arm and place the hand behind your head and down your back
  2. Place the other hand on the elevated elbow and pull the arm into the midline of the body until a stretch is felt in the triceps muscle group at the back of the arm


  1. Bring one arm across the body and place the other hand on the elbow
  2. Pull the elbow across the body until a stretch is felt in the triceps muscle group at the back of the arm
  3. Hold for 10-30 seconds & repeat 3 times or as instructed by the physiotherapist or fitness instructor
  4. To prevent muscle imbalance, always stretch both sides

Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention & Fitness Recommendations:

  • Avoid bouncing when the muscle is cold
  • Stop if the stretch causes pain
  • Perform the stretch in a safe environment to avoid the risk of a fall or injury
  • Recommended stretch for use within a warm-up or cool down
  • Be precautious of any pre-existing shoulder or neck pain with the stretch
  • As instructed by a skilled physiotherapist, the stretch is beneficial for injury prevention, to aid recovery from specific injuries, enhancement of the injury healing process, elongates tight muscles, reduces soft tissue tightness and alleviates joint stiffness.


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