Trigger Points

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What are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are known to be palpable ‘knots’ or ‘taut bands of tissue’ within a muscle that may develop from overuse or injury. They may be associated with being the causative factor of referred pain into specific body areas in close or distant proximity to the trigger point. Trigger point theories suggest that reported unexplained pain frequently relates to these specific points of local tenderness that radiates to areas in the region of the trigger point itself. Research suggests that there is a casual relationship between chronic pain and the trigger point source.

How Can You Treat Symptomatic Trigger Points?

Trigger points can be treated with various forms of physiotherapy techniques to aid the resolution of symptoms and restore a pain-free lifestyle. Skilled physiotherapists  may use a combination of different modalities to help release soft tissue tension, pain and restricted movement. Most modalities consist of various elements of soft tissue work and stretching. Such treatments may include Massage TherapyAcupuncture and Myofascial Release

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