One of the simplest exercises to do in any environment just using body weight

Press Up







Decline Press Up

To make this exercise harder simply place the feet above the ground height, this shifts more of your body weight onto your chest.







Incline Press Up

To make this exercise easier simply place your hands on a higher surface to shift your body weight off your chest.









Clap Press Up

To improve on power as well as strength a clap press is simply a press up with a powerful push back so that both hands leave the ground. This will recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers.









Off Set Press Up

By staggering your hand positioning for the base of the press up your body weight is shifted differently causing the target muscle to work through different angles.








T Press Up

The simple press-up can be progressed into more of a dynamic move by adding in a explosive element to target the arms and core as well.

1. Start a press up as normal lowering slowly to the ground when at end range explosively press back up.

2. Once the arms are fully extended lift one arm off the ground and started to open your torso raise the arm vertically upwards.

3. Lower back to down to the starting position and repeat with the opposite arm.



Please seek the advice of a GP, physiotherapist or a medically qualified personal trainer before commencing any exercise to avoid the risk of any injury. We do not advise performing any exercise if it exhibits any pain or discomfort in any way.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the exercises, please contact the Didsbury clinic (Manchester) to discuss with your physiotherapist or personal trainer.

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