This complex and dynamic total-body move works all the major muscles of your legs and posterior chain.


1. Stand with your shins touching the bar and feet shoulder-width apart.

2.Squat and hold the bar with an overhand grip.

3.Keeping your core braced, your chest up and a natural arch in your back,drive through your heels and lift the bar off the ground.

4. Once the bar reaches your hip, rise up on your tiptoes, shrug you shoulders powerfully and pull the bar up higher, leading with your elbows.

5. As the bar travels towards shoulder height, squat under the bar and rotate your elbows forwards so you catch it in your fingers and the front of your shoulders.

6.Stand tall,then reverse the move back to the start.




Lifting the bar from the floor to above your head by ducking under it is a highly complex and explosive move that requires strength,balance,co-ordination and flexibility.



Clean and Jerk

This advanced move which requires you to press the bar overhead at the top of the clean, works your shoulders and upper back.




Please seek the advice of a GP, physiotherapist or a medically qualified personal trainer before commencing any exercise to avoid the risk of any injury. We do not advise performing any exercise if it exhibits any pain or discomfort in any way.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the exercises, please contact the Didsbury clinic (Manchester) to discuss with your physiotherapist or personal trainer.

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