Toes To Bar

These are great exercises for giving your abs a tough workout.


Toes to Bar

1. Fully extend your arms and grip the bar with your shoulders next to your ears

2. Keeping your legs straight, squeeze your abs to pull your legs up above the bar

3. Hold this position for a couple of seconds, and then gently lower your legs



Windscreen Wipers

1. Extend your arms and grip onto the bar and keep your legs straight

2. Raise your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor while keeping your torso parallel to the floor

3. Rotate your legs from side to side

4. You can make this exercise slightly easier by bending your knees



Isometric Leg Raise

1. Hold onto the bar with your legs kept straight at 90 degrees  with your heels resting on the floor

2. Lift your legs up to your hip height straight out

3. Hold this position for a couple of sections and then gently lower back down



Garhammer Raise

1. Hang from the bar with your knees bent up

2. Contract your abs and bring your knees as close towards your chest as you can manage

3. Pause for a few seconds and then release back to the starting position


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