Seated Russian Twist

This rotational exercise is great for working your obliques. It also works your back muscles which will help to strengthen and support your spine.


Seated Russian Twist

1. Sit up on the floor with your knees bent and your heels resting on the floor

2. Clasp your hands together in front of you at arms length keeping your arms straight – your hands should be level with the bottom of your ribcage

3. Lean slightly back without bending your spine and fully twist to one side keeping your hands linked together

4. Make sure you keep your torso upright at all times

IMG_0344 (1)



Standing Cable Russian Twist

1. Stand facing forward with your feet apart

2. Set the cable at chest height and grasp the cable between your hands keeping your arms straight

3. Remain looking forward and twist your torso away from the cable to the left

4. Keeping your arms straight but slightly lowered, repeat the exercise again but to the right



Gym Ball Russian Twist

1. Sit back on the ball with your lower back resting on the ball

2. Keep your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor

3. Keep your arms outstretched  with a dumbell held between both of your hands

4. Rotate down to your left, and then again to your right

5. Using the gym ball increases the workload for your core muscles to stabilise your body



Lower Body Russian Twist

1. Lie on your back with your legs straight and pointing up into the air

2. Without bending your hips, lower your legs straight to the left whilst keeping your shoulders in contact with the floor

3. Hold with your legs raised just above the floor and then return to the starting position

4. Repeat the exercise but instead lowering your legs to the alternate side

5. This exercise works the lower abs in particular

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