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What is Myofascial Release? Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy technique in which fascia is stretched and bonds are released between fascia, muscle tissue, bones and other soft tissues within the body. It is classed as a manual massage therapy technique and aids alleviating pain, increasing range of motion and helps to balance the […]

What are Trigger Points? Trigger points are known to be palpable ‘knots’ or ‘taut bands of tissue’ within a muscle that may develop from overuse or injury. They may be associated with being the causative factor of referred pain into specific body areas in close or distant proximity to the trigger point. Trigger point theories […]

What is it? Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of physiotherapy treatment provided for specific injuries that uses ultrasound waves for therapeutic benefit. It is classed as a form of electrotherapy treatment to assist with the management of various soft tissue injuries. The modality is applied via a transducer that makes direct contact with the body surface area. The ‘ultrasound waves’ […]

Following any form and type of injury, it is important that the client’s symptoms fully resolve in conjunction with the most effective rehabilitation programme based on the client’s functional goals for the restoration of complete recovery. The team at G4 excel at not only assisting with the full resolution of symptoms, but also helping the […]

Inflammation is a result of damage to body tissues and can be caused by a number of factors including trauma, repetitive use and those conditions affected by age such as Osteoarthritis. The are three main stages of inflammation which can each vary in intensity and duration: Acute -swelling stage Sub-acute – regenerative stage Chronic – […]

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