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Achilles Tendopathy
2nd June 2017

So are your calves or ankles still feeling sore after your weekend race…. it could be Achilles Tendopathy The Achilles tendon is situated at the back of the lower leg from the calcaneus (heal) bone to the posterior calf muscles. Tendons connect a muscle to a bone to allow movement. The Achilles tendon is one of […]

April 2017 ASICS Manchester Marathon – Recovery Advice
4th April 2017

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all of our clients here at G4 that took part in the 41st ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon this weekend! Finally all those long hours of training, sticking to those nutrition plans and that extra 5 minutes of foam rolling has paid off and you can relax with a sigh of […]

Up and Coming Marathons
15th February 2017

Up and Coming Marathons 2017 For most people April couldn’t feel further away, but for everyone preparing and training for one of the big April Marathons, you may be frantically counting off the weeks of your training programme. Although it may feel like it is fast approaching, there’s still plenty of time to make a […]

Races from the Weekend 3rd and 4th October
6th October 2015

Washing machines are probably still churning away and runners are probably still finding splashes of mud today after the north saw a spate of trail races at the weekend. The change in seasons sees lots more muddy, hilly, steep, slippy, boggy and beautiful runs taking advantage of the countryside around Manchester and the north-west. Last weekend, […]

As Cold as Ice!
15th September 2015

    Physiotherapists from G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness attended a seminar hosted by CET Cryospas at the Etihad stadium last week. Following a short promotional pitch from CET Cryospas, the main speaker, Clive Brewer, the Widnes Vikings’ Head of Strength and Conditioning,  presented a useful and interesting talk on “Post-match and post-exercise recovery in elite rugby league: […]

See what is being said in the press about G4 Physiotherapy and Fitness client, Amy Forshaw before her big race on Sunday: “Another local Brit racing is Amy Forshaw. This is Amy’s third time racing the course, and although whilst she now lives south of London, it’s a great opportunity to travel back to see […]

“The third Xterra Race of the year returned to Greece to the region of Kardistsa and Lake Plastira. This would be the third time I have competed in the race and also the third year of the race itself. Lake Plastira is a four hour drive from Athens, and the motorway meanders up the coast and then dives into […]

    The 2015 Triathlon England Cross Duathlon Championships were being held at Hole Park, Kent. The venue of the previous Hole Park Mtb Duathlon in 2014. The course would consist of a 10km run, 20km MTB and 5km, and attract some of the best off-road multisport athletes in the country.The weeks leading upto the […]

  “This time last year (4th November 2013), a significant and exciting time happened for G4. As many will know G4 moved 500m from its Palatine Road location, to its present location in Didsbury – 49 Barlow Moor Road. The move has been fantastic and has allowed the much-needed expansion of the services we offer, […]

BMF are delighted to be in association with Manchester’s ‘G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness’ based in Didsbury.  G4 is managed and led by Glyn Forshaw, one of BMF’s instructors and he kindly offers advice and guidance to members when working across the parks in Manchester. G4 offers BMF members reduced rates for physiotherapy, sports massage and […]

On 11th June 2014, over 100 injured Royal Marines, Army and Navy military personnel (& veterans) competed in a rehabilitation triathlon at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone. Other forces that raced included soldiers from the United States Marine Corps and from the Royal Netherlands Marines Corps. The clinic’s lead clinician, Glyn Forshaw, was […]

“Following a difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to my daughter in April 2013 by emergency C-section. I was then unfortunate and became critically ill with sepsis and spent most of the first 3 weeks of my daughter’s life in hospital having various forms of treatment and operations. Following my recovery, I attended a casting for […]

Yesterday saw another fantastic day of running from all abilities and charities in Manchester. It was great to see so many clients putting themselves through their paces and achieving excellent finishing times and positions. Glyn Forshaw, the managing director and lead clinician of ‘G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness’, was one of the runners taking part from […]

Optimising Performance For Triathletes
23rd February 2014

Over the course of the last few years, Amy Forshaw (Professional Triathlete) has excelled at her favourite sporting disciplines – swimming, cycling and running. Our Didsbury (Manchester) team, have been very fortunate to have been involved with her success and training phases with a strong physiotherapy, massage and rehabilitation input. Maintaining an athlete in their […]

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