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Metatarsalgia Metatarsalgia is the name for pain in the ball of the foot. It affects the metatarsals, the long bones in the midsection of your foot connecting to the toes. The feet can be a common source of pain because they support your weight throughout the day as you’re standing, walking and running. Metatarsalgia can have a […]

Nutrition for Acute Injury Recovery During an acute injury your body not only needs rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE) but may also benefit from nutrients specific to tissue healing and inflammation. These can reduce the healing process that occurs following injury, also ensuring the damaged tissue repairs in the best way possible. Soft tissue injuries […]

Up and Coming Marathons 2017 For most people April couldn’t feel further away, but for everyone preparing and training for one of the big April Marathons, you may be frantically counting off the weeks of your training programme. Although it may feel like it is fast approaching, there’s still plenty of time to make a […]

Treating Sprains or Strains Following on from our previous blog on the difference between sprains and strains, which can be found here, let’s take a look at what treatment you would need if you do happen to sprain or strain something. Mild sprains and strains may need rehabilitation exercises and a change or reduction in activity during […]

Have you ever sprained your ankle? If you have then you will know how painful it is. Did you definitely sprain your ankle? Was it actually a strain (or even, in some cases, a break)? The pain can be excruciating for any of these injuries so it may be difficult for you to tell the difference. […]

Can physiotherapy be an effective alternative to surgery for patients with rotator cuff tears? It is usual when a tear is found in one of the four muscles of the shoulder that make up the rotator cuff (which are subscapularis, infraspinatus, teres minor, and supraspinatus if you wish to improve your anatomical knowledge) that a surgeon […]

Following on from yesterday’s post about taking part in long distance cycling, which can be read here, it is also worth considering the effects on the body from spending such a long time in the saddle, over and above the obvious pain that can be ameliorated by wearing some fetching padded shorts. Road bikes will usually have the […]

For the uninitiated, a sportive is not a soft top car or an old fashioned way of describing someone who is ‘playful or frolicsome’. It is a long distance cycling event that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is the cycling equivalent of a marathon, although the distances range from a ‘beginner’ distance of […]

Lists. If you do triathlon, learn to love them. You are far less likely to forget something crucial (although most have done so at one time – there are certainly people who have left their bikes at home, despite remembering their anti-fog goggle mist) if you have a kit list. This is even more so […]

With Wimbledon in full swing, you may be tempted to pick up your racquets and have a go yourselves. Tennis is great exercise and a healthy and enjoyable way to socialise, if you stay off the Pimms until afterwards. There are many tennis clubs in the North West to cater for players of all abilities, including […]

Congratulations on completing your recent half marathon. Finishing the race and being rewarded with the finishing medal is a great achievement which you can treasure for the rest of your lives! Below are a few tips and advice protocols to help promote an efficient full recovery and enable a swift return back to running and […]

Your weight is dependent on the number of calories you consume and the number of calories that you expend. Your intake of calories comes from the food and drink you eat each day. Calories are burned by your metabolism, thermogenesis and physical activity. When your energy intake is equal to your energy expenditure then you […]

Are you ski fit? The countdown has begun, the glaciers will soon be open, and it is less than 150 days to the start of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.  Now is the time to get yourself ‘ski fit’ and ready for the snow. Risk of injury whilst on the slopes is greatly reduced if you […]

Your body metabolism is defined as the processes that occur when your body converts food into energy. A fast metabolic rate is one which burns calories quickly which may be ideal for those of you who are trying to lose weight. Your resting metabolic rate accounts for 60-75% of the calories that you burn each […]

The ‘Body Mass Index’ (BMI) is a measure of the human body’s relation to its individual height and mass (weight). The scoring system enables a good indication of whether somebody is underweight, overweight or within normal limits for their body shape and size. Body mass is quite simple to calculate once height and weight have […]

Many people suffer from muscular cramps during exercise which may hamper their performance and result in poor technique, inefficient energy production, race incompletion, frustration and possible a risk of injury. Cramps are common in the final stages of team sports such as football and rugby. Other athletes may suffer from cramps during long distance endurance […]

Endurance is a component of physical fitness and is a measure of how much the body can exert itself during physical exercise over a prolonged period of time. Within fitness, endurance can be further broken down into cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength endurance. Physical endurance is reliant upon various physiological factors that affect the body […]

Heat exhaustion is common whilst playing sports or taking part in various leisure activities within hot climates and extreme temperatures in both the UK and around the globe. As an individual, a professional coach or fitness instructor, it is important to understand the risks and consequences of heat exhaustion to help prevent danger and optimise […]

Water is the most important substance that the body requires in order to survive. Water makes up approximately two-thirds of the human body and has a number of functions that assist with both the regulation and control of the functioning of the body. Dramatic losses of water levels within the body may cause mild to […]

As your 10K race is approaching, it is imperative that you aim to prepare both your body and mind to the level of maximum capability to allow performance to excel on the day of the race. The correct and most effective training programme advised by a skilled personal trainer is the key to completion and […]

Buying the correct running shoe is essential to help maximise your running performance, fitness level and keep injury free. The correct advice and recommendations by a skilled clinician will allow the runner to purchase a pair of running shoes that offers the sufficient level of shock absorption, cushioning, support and control. The design and support […]

An exercise-related stitch is common amongst runners or during other sports participation where a sharp, stabbing and cramping pain is experienced in the lateral aspect of the lower part of the rib-cage or within other areas of the abdominal cavities. Most scientists suggest that the symptoms originate from the diaphragm muscle which is one of […]

Skeletal muscle groups of the body are made up of many individual muscle fibres. Each muscle fibre is further broken down into myofibrils which contain both actin and myosin myofilaments. These myofilaments contract to shorten and lengthen muscle tissue to allow movement and generate power.  This phenomenon is known as the ‘sliding-filament theory’ causing muscle […]

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