Piriformis Muscle Stretches

  Method: Lying on your front bend the knee to 90 degrees and then slowly let the foot fall away from the body. Try to keep the knees together and hold the position at the end of your comfortable range. Your physiotherapist will advise if you require additional assistance for the stretch.   Physiotherapy, Injury […]

  Method: Lying on your front bend one knee and then the other to 90 degrees. Slowly and with control let the feet fall the the side but keep the knees together. Pause at the full range of your comfortable movement and then draw the feet back together. You may find it useful to have […]

Muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Piriformis, Gemellus Superior, Gemellus Inferior, Obturator Internus & Obturator Externus   Method: Sit cross-legged. Keep your back straight and slowly lean forwards to the ground   Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention & Fitness Recommendations: Avoid bouncing when the muscle is cold Stop if the stretch causes pain Perform the stretch in a safe environment […]

Muscles: Tensor Fascia Latae, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, Ilio-Tibial Band & Gluteus Maximus   Method: Lie on your back and cross one leg over the other. Bring your foot up to your opposite knee and with your opposite arm pull your raised knee towards the ground.   Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention & Fitness Recommendations: May be […]

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