Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

The cable places a different emphasis on your rotator cuff and is a beginner-friendly way to strengthen these crucial muscles. Internal Rotation  1. Stand side on to a cable machine holding a D-Handle attached to the middle of the machine with your closest hand. 2.Keeping your elbow bent at 90 degrees, rotate your forearm across […]

Common Strengthening Exercises

Barbell Cuban Press This move works the small muscles of the shoulder joint that control rotational movement. A stronger rotator cuff prevents injury and allows you to lift more in most upper-body moves. 1.Sand tall, holding a barbell with an overhead grip with your hands just outside your thighs 2.Lift the weight until your elbows […]

Lateral Raise This exercise is a simple single joint move that is prefect for targeting the middle portion of your Deltoids. 1. Start with a dumbbell in one hand, palm facing inwards to the body. Ensure you feet are shoulder-width apart and the core is braced throughout. 2. Raise the dumbbell out to the sides […]

Basic Shoulder Press One of the best exercises to build strong and wide shoulders. 1. Start with the barbell resting on your chest, grip the bar so your hands sit just wider than the shoulders. 2. Engage the core and press the barbell directly above the head and away from the chest, until the arms are fully extended. 3. Slowly lower the […]

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