Back Strengthening Exercises

This exercise is a great way to strengthen the lower back muscles, helping to keep injury at bay during heavier weighted back exercises. The difficulty of this simple exercise shouldn’t be underestimated! 1. Lie across the ball so it’s across the front of the pelvis and the lower abdomen, tuck the feet under so the […]

This exercise not only works on your lower back erector spinae muscles and helps to make your core stronger, but simultaneously targets the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. 1. With the rack set up so the barbell is at shoulder height, place the barbell across the back of the shoulders, slightly lower than  for a barbell squat. […]

Back Strengthening Exercises

Face Pulls target the posterior shoulder muscles – try adjusting the height of the cable set up to target different fibres of the muscle groups. 1. Set up a cable machine with a rope attachment, so the pulley is in line with the forehead. 2. Holding a rope in each hand, stand slightly back from the […]

Think of this exercise as an upside down push up! Great for growth of the lats as well as strength of the core muscles. This exercise is a good progression to build up to the bent over row, as this only requires you to use your body weight. 1. Approach a barbell in a rack (or […]

A great exercise for building strength and size on those upper trapezius muscles. Due to the limited range of motion of this exercise, heavy weight may be used whilst maintaining correct form. 1. Hold a barbell with an overhand grip, hands just wider than your thighs. 2. Keeping the elbows straight, shrug your shoulders up […]

This is a great way to work unilaterally, and improve any strength imbalances from side to side. 1. Place the right knee and right hand on a flat bench with the torso parallel to the floor. Pick up the dumbbell in the left hand with the arm straight and palm facing the body, this is […]

This seated exercise allows you to effectively target the muscles of your mid and upper back, whilst maintaining good form throughout. 1. Sit on a bench or the floor with the knees slightly bent and your back straight. 2. Hold the attachment attached to the cable with a neutral grip, palms facing one another and […]

A fantastic exercise for the shoulder stabilising muscles – with this movement less weight actually means more! Start off with light dumbbells, as correct form is important to ensure activation of the right muscles for this exercise. 1. Adopt the same start position as the bent over row with a dumbbell in either hand in front […]

This exercise is a key move to really focus on your whole back strength, as well as working your core stability. 1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping the lower back straight, and the core braced bend slightly at the hips and knees. 2. Hold the bar with an underhand grip shoulder width […]

This exercise can be one of the toughest body-weight exercises, but is excellent for strengthening the biceps and major muscles of the back such as the lats and trapezius muscles. There are also number of variations to really isolate different muscle groups Neutral Pull Up 1. Hold onto the bar with palms facing one another , […]

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