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22nd September 2017

What is A Post-Op Knee class?

The class at G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness Didsbury is an active, dynamic and challenging yet fun group based class for patients who are post knee surgery. The class is designed to incorporate evidence based exercises to maximise the recovery of your new knee, in a safe and efficient way, ensuring correct form and technique is used. We will also provide you with the knowledge and education as to which exercises you should continue with away from the clinic to allowed the fastest and most efficient rehabilitation program. Our studio gym and expert therapists allows for a personal and tailored class for each patient, whilst still providing social group atmosphere.

Structure of the class

The classes will run on a weekly basic and last approximately 60 minutes. Each of the exercises in the class has been designed to test, improve and strengthen different aspects of your knee function. All of the exercises can be altered to suit each phase of your post-op rehabilitation and will be monitored to allow for steady and safe progressions.

Who runs the class?

The classes are taught by our team of Physiotherapists and Sport Rehabilitation specialists, all of which have an extensive knowledge of post knee surgery & replacement protocols, exercises prescriptions and progress assessments. Prior to your first session a member of our team will carry out a short assessment to determine your levels of mobility and safety aspects with regards to using stairs and a variety of gym and rehabilitation equipment.

How to join the class

Following your discharge you will be given advice to follow for the first couple of days, it is important that you follow your surgeon’s advice regarding exercises for this period. Once you are ready to join the class it’s as simple as contacting our clinic to ask about availability for the class and booking in. No GP referral is needed, although when possible contact will be made with your surgeon/consultant to ensure the most suitable session is being provided for you.

If you wish to book onto a class or have any question please contact our admin staff on 0161 445 5133 or email to admin@g4physio.co.uk



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