Manchester Colour Run 2017
28th June 2017

Manchester Colour Run 2017 Dubbed ‘the happiest 5km on the planet’ Manchester’s very own Color Run takes place at the Etihad Campus this Saturday 1st July. At each kilometre of the run, runners will enter designated ‘Color Zones’ – which basically means that volunteers get to douse you in colorful powders! It’s also worth mentioning […]

Ingrown Toenail
23rd June 2017

Ingrown toenail An ingrown toenail develops when the sides of the toenail grow into the surrounding skin. The nail curls and pierces the skin, which becomes red, swollen and tender. The big toe is often affected, either on one or both sides. Other symptoms include: Pain if pressure is placed on the toe Inflammation of […]

Cracked Heels
9th June 2017

Cracked heels   When heels become too dry they often crack, sometimes resulting in deep fissures. In some cases the fissures can bleed and this can easily lead to bacterial infection.   Cracked heels are usually accompanied by hard callus which can be painful.   Causes of cracked heels: Dry skin. Prolonged standing. Obesity. Wearing […]

Hammer Toes
7th June 2017

Hammer Toes   Hammer toes are a common foot deformity where the toes appear to be always bent. They are caused by wearing shoes that are too small, foot injuries, or simply genetics – some people are predisposed to develop hammer toes. Rheumatoid arthritis can also cause hammer toes as it affects the joints in […]

1st June 2017

Metatarsalgia Metatarsalgia is the name for pain in the ball of the foot. It affects the metatarsals, the long bones in the midsection of your foot connecting to the toes. The feet can be a common source of pain because they support your weight throughout the day as you’re standing, walking and running. Metatarsalgia can have a […]


  27th/28th Marathon Weekend This weekend brings one of the busiest weekends in the marathon calendar, with Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh all hosting multiple races over the weekend. We have been working hard with many of clients here at G4 to get everyone in the best condition for their races, this has been a combination […]

Athlete’s Foot
19th May 2017

Athlete’s Foot – medically known as Tinea Pedis –  is a skin condition affecting the feet caused by a fungal infection. It usually occurs between the toes but in some cases it can spread to the whole underside of the foot, sometimes resulting in cracked skin or blisters. Tinea Pedis is spread by coming into […]

April 2017 ASICS Manchester Marathon – Recovery Advice
4th April 2017

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to all of our clients here at G4 that took part in the 41st ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon this weekend! Finally all those long hours of training, sticking to those nutrition plans and that extra 5 minutes of foam rolling has paid off and you can relax with a sigh of […]

Glute Bridge
7th November 2016

Glute Bridge 1.  Lay on your back with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor shoulder width apart. Rest your arms on the floor by your side, palms down for support if needed. 2. Posteriorly tilt your pelvis, and flatten the arch of the lower back into the floor. This should make the […]

7th November 2016

Lunges are a great exercise to control weight in a multiple directions working balance, power and coordination. Body Weight Lunge 1. Stand tall with the feet shoulder width apart. 2. Take a big step forward with one leg, leaving the other leg on the floor behind. Bend at the hips and knees and lower the […]

Hammer Curl
7th November 2016

Using a neutral grip allows you to target more of the forearms along with working the biceps, making it a great exercise to build bigger arms.   Hammer Curl 1.Standing upright, hold a dumbbell in each hand using a neutral grip (so both palms are facing the body). 2. Keep your elbows tucked into your […]

Bent-Over Row
7th November 2016

This exercise is a key move to really focus on your whole back strength, as well as working your core stability. 1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping the lower back straight, and the core braced bend slightly at the hips and knees. 2. Hold the bar with an underhand grip shoulder width […]

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