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Welcome to G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness
in Didsbury, Manchester

G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness provide a service with skills and expertise to help diagnose and cure all injury problems and increase levels of fitness. Our friendly and highly experienced team offer a wealth of Physiotherapy, Massage & Fitness experience from all walks of life including professional sports & within the Royal Marines.

Our specialist range of physiotherapy treatments and services help relieve pain, reduce swelling & inflammation, reduce joint & muscle stiffness and promote the healing of all soft tissue injuries (e.g. muscle/tendon/ligament strains & sprains). We provide specific strengthening and exercise rehabilitation for all conditions & age-groups to enable the return to full fitness as quickly as possible.

We are recognized by all private medical insurance companies and provide a service for workforce occupational health departments.

We provide a Mobile Physiotherapy service to assist with the management of all injury problems within people’s own homes, work-places, nursing and residential care homes. Such visits can be arranged upon request.

We specialise in Acupuncture and all forms of remedial Massage (sports, deep-tissue & aromatherapy). Our skilled team also provide a Sports Podiatry service to help manage all lower limb biomechanical problems.

Our Personal Training & Fitness Team conduct training sessions for both individuals and group sessions. Our team welcome people of all ages and all levels of fitness from beginners to elite level.

Immediate & emergency physiotherapy & massage appointments are available and we remain flexible with our opening times (7am-9pm).

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